We Love Eiffel!

We Love Eiffel!

Aria recitals

A night of arias with those who have waited especially long We had intended to launch Eiffel Art Studios’ operations on 28 September 2019 (we held a test run in the spring of the same year which was so good it was quite memorable), but the building is enormous, and so is the task. The six-month delay in the opening resulted in the cancellation of 89 performances, including 5 opera premieres, and many singers ended up as casualties to what can only be called an unavoidable force

majeure. As they are all excellent opera performers, the Opera’s management decided that even though it cannot legally assume liability for the issue, it will hold an intimate night of arias with piano accompaniment to console the artists who were expectantly waiting for the performances of the 2019 autumn season but are only provided the opportunity to perform in Budapest’s third opera house, the Bánffy Stage now, after the delay.