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OperaTour - English

Magyar Állami Operaház

60-minute tour starts every day at 13:30, 15:00 and 16:30 in English. Price: 7000 HUF
Beginning with 15 March 2022, at the completely restored Opera House guided tours are available again for fans of architecture and culture. Get to know how this citadel of opera and ballet has been reborn, how the beautiful interior has regained its former glory, and what innovations have been installed to enable the staging of spectacular productions.

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Eiffel Műhelyház / Eiffel Art Studios

Please note that guided tours are currently offered in Hungarian only. Please check back for availability in English later.

Get to know the brand-new complex of the Opera at first hand. On 25 October 2021, the Eiffel Art Studios of the Hungarian State Opera was officially inaugurated. Now, visitors are given the chance to explore its interior spaces and workshops with the help of guided tours.

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